Divert roof and other leaks to an out of the way location to avoid creating dangerous wet floor conditions and to avoid disrupting customers and business operations.

The Kit contains the materials necessary to build and install up to 3 leak diverters (at the same time), which can vary in size from 2" x 4", up to 8" x 10" or larger, and have flexibility to be configured to fit your leak situation.

Our patented components allow these leak diverters to be installed in about 10 minutes. The components are reusable and the only component you will need to replace at times is the poly sheeting which you can get at a local hardware store.


  • Fast 10 minute installation
  • More safe and professional looking than buckets and wet floor signs
  • Adapts to your leak situation
  • Reusable


Leaks below grid ceilings:

  • Attach PolyHanger 3 to grid at perimeter of leak area.
  • Cut poly sheeting to size. At center of poly, make a pilot hole through the poly using the tool provided in the kit. Push the special nylon drain fitting through the pilot hole and secure with the nylon nut.
  • Attach the poly sheeting to the PolyHangers on the grid.
  • Attach the vinyl drain tubing to the drain fitting and run the tubing to a remote location.

Leaks above ceilings:

  • Follow same steps as listed above except use PolyHanger 4 which will attach to joists, pipes and other items typically found above ceilings.


PolyHanger type 3 (20 EA)To attach poly sheeting to ceiling grid
PolyHanger type 4 (8 EA)To attach poly sheeting to joists, pipes, etc
Poly Sheeting (25' x 10')To catch and divert roof leaks
Drain Fitting (3 EA)To attach vinyl drain tubing to poly sheeting
Vinyl Drain Tubing (50')To drain water
Pails - 5 gal (3 EA)To collect water
Tie Wire (8')To suspend vinyl drain tubing
Safety-cut BladeTo cut poly sheeting
Pilot Hole ToolTo make hole in poly for drain fitting

Packaged in a box 12 ½ x 12 ½ x 24 ½, weight 20lbs.

Leak Diverter is supported by Hanger 3 made of white plastic to match ceiling.

Leak Diverter is supported by PolyHanger 3 made of white plastic to match ceiling.